Still here

14 Mar

Where have I been? Not blogging. To be frank, I’m still not entirely sure what to do with this space. I’m tossing around ideas for a different blog, but since this is the space I have currently, I thought I’d drop in and say a few things about pregnancy so far, and where I am in all of it.I am bullet pointing it, because I am lazy and fear that if I attempt paragraphs the jumble of delayed thoughts will be manic and nonsensical.

  • I will hit 26 weeks this Wednesday. My last doctor’s appointment (Friday) felt like a milestone of sorts in that it was the first where I didn’t completely freak out (on the inside) when she placed the doppler on my belly. For some reason, I just felt like I could stop worrying that the heartbeat wouldn’t be found and I was able to infuse my mind with calm, rational thoughts. I’ve had a few appointments now in which the day prior, I had NOT felt a great deal of movement. Now I accept that that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, and the baby is likely to still be there, doing somersaults in its shrinking jacuzzi.
  • Speaking of movement, while it is still pretty sporadic, it’s definitely stronger. We felt our first kick from the outside a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing thing. My husband’s startled but delighted reaction was even better. He is now constantly trying to cop a feel.
  • And more on the subject of movement, what is it about the second trimester and the cooperation of the colon? I’m happy to report that the first tri digestive strike has ended or at least abated.
  • Still don’t really have much together in the way of the nursery, but we have mapped out a plan for the room. I can’t quite bring myself to buy the crib yet, but I know I need to. We plan on using some sort of co-sleeper the first few months, and this is the only one I’ve found that I like. Guess we can rent one, which is good. We have a platform bed, and those identical side tables, so I think it will work.
  • Creating a registry was actually hard work. It actually felt like a full time job for about a week. But a fun one. Unlike our wedding registry, which was based purely on our aesthetic sense, now I also have to worry about safety. But we’re getting there. I also managed to navigate through the swamp of cloth diapering and I think we’re going to go with the hybrid cloth/disposable gDiapers. Hubs has been dying to set up a composting system so here’s his chance. I’ve also fallen victim to falling in love with a particular thing when I see it out and about, and then researching it and learning that it the Porsche version of said thing. (I’m talking to you Bugaboo strollers.)
  • I am being churlish about childbirth classes at the hospital where we will be giving birth. This is Los Angeles, and it seems that many annoying douchebags call it home. I’d say we’re slightly higher than the national average for douches.  The thought of being in a childbirth class with even one of them is making me wonder if I’m cut out for the homebirth. I know I’m generalizing unfairly, and I’m sure said classes will include a bunch of perfectly lovely people. A friend told me that there are some good newborn care and breastfeeding classes at the Pump Station, so I think I’ll bark up that tree first.
  • Books I am loving about babies and newborn care are Superbaby (totally misleading name, this is NOT about turning your baby into an over-achiever) and Dr. Brazelton’s Touchpoints.  Love that man, and his sage advice. Still need to find a good breastfeeding book though. And one about birth itself. Still leaning towards trying for a drug free vag birth, but I know that ultimately, the baby is often the decider of the birth plan, so I’m not typing up any detailed declarations.
  • Starting to meet with pediatricians. Contrary to my usual style, I am jumping on this one a little early. I wanted to meet with more than one, and got a few good recommendations. While I loved the first one I met with, I was very turned off by the practice’s $150-300 (depending on family size) admin fee. This is for calling in prescriptions, faxing records to schools and camps and other things that I thought were just a regular part of a medical practice’s office staff’s responsibility. Right? Somehow I’m sure such a fee can be traced back to our broken healthcare system (my favorite rant) but maybe it’s just a Beverly Hills thing. As luck would have it though, the director of the program I’m interning with has a husband who happens to be a pediatrician. He was also on my OB’s “highly recommended” list. I initially wondered if it would be weird to go to him, but when I mentioned it casually to her, she said (jokingly), “Well you have to go to him. That way I’ll be confident your little one is getting the best care!” He had actually spoken at a Continuing Education event I went to last year and I thought he was charming and lovely. So I think that’s where we’ll land.

Okay, so that was long. Longer than I intended. Sorry for the long silence and often sporadic commenting on your blogs. But I am following along quietly at home, staying updated on the frustrating WTF IVFs, the IVFs in progress, the pregnancies in full swing and the ones about to come to full term, those of you on the bench or trying naturally. All of it.




2 Responses to “Still here”

  1. lady pumpkin March 14, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    Good to hear from you! Glad things are going well. Thinking of you and wishing for all continued good things. Sending hugs and love. xoxo

  2. BabyMakingDiaries March 15, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Hey 🙂 So glad things are going well with you. I haven’t been blogging much lately either (thanks for your latest comment btw) but I always look out to see if you’ve posted. Don’t leave here without telling me where you’re going. I want to keep up with how your pregnancy’s going. Plus I’d miss you. Hope the good stuff continues xx

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