20 down. 20 to go.

3 Feb

I am halfway there.

Yesterday’s anatomy scan was so much fun, (even though we had to look away when they were in the money shot area).  The amnio had ruled out so much, so knowing that my baby is healthy makes me actually able to relax during all the measuring and the not talking. Because really, what ultrasound tech wants to chatter the whole way through an anatomy scan? We even got one of those smushed up face 3D shots and seeing an actual face on the monitor was amazing, incredible, humbling. I turned to my husband and said, “I can’t believe we made that!” Seeing those lips, eyes, a nose and a chin are making me giddy with excitement to meet this little person and shower it with kisses. I got major girl vibes from the face, but I still have this sense that it’s a boy.

This scan also confirmed that my cervix is a healthy 4cm and closed. So I can stop obsessing about my what-iffedly short and incompetent cervix (I feel like the universe is getting ready to open its sphincter right about now just because I wrote that.)

Aside from all the worrying that’s been going on (much less so in the last two weeks), I’m having a pretty easy pregnancy. (And here comes that poop from the universe…) I’ve been so lucky with my relative lack of symptoms (even though there was a time when symptoms would have been very reassuring) and I seem to be barreling through the first part of the second trimester with tons more energy. Part of this energy could just be the “Oh my god! We are about to get an 18-year houseguest and we need to get ready!” This getting ready has necessitated a complete blitz of our office (soon to be our “nurfice”), cleaning out closets and generally purging our lives of everything we haven’t so much as glanced at for five years but have held on to. Just because we could. And now we can’t.

After the amnio I finally come out of the pregnancy closet to everyone at my internship. They were a bit stunned, in the manner of  “That’s wonderful news! But you’re already 18 weeks??!” I felt a bit guilty for holding out for so long but I really wanted to wait until Big Scary Genetic Test was out of the way. And it’s only really been in the last week that my “bridge” wardrobe started to not work and there was no concealing the belly. I had been spending way too much time in some borrowed maternity items from a friend since about week 16, but finally broke down and got more Ts and tops earlier this week. It is such a relief to be able to dress myself in the morning without having an anxiety attack.

I still have not come out to my boss at my freelance copywriting job. I like to think I can manage this even after the baby is born. Not right after, but soon. It’s a work from home thing, I won’t have any other work commitments (school is done and I’m putting my clinical hours on hold) and it’s generally work that’s easy and familiar to me and it pays well. And as it is I only do about 15-18 hours a week (often less than that). I am currently NOT telling because I’m worried that once I tell, my knee-jerk reactionary boss over there will immediately decide to replace me. NOW. Something that I don’t want to happen because we could use the money to help deal with the costs of having a baby with a higher-deductible insurance plan. But I know I need to say something soon. Like next week. This (aside from my generally mixed feelings about Facebook pregnancy announcements) is partially the reason for my still being in the FB pregnancy closet. Of course my friends with kids laugh at me when I tell them how soon I plan on starting my freelance job again. “Yeah,” they chortle, “let us know how that’s going when you’re staring at your laptop glassy eyed and sleep deprived. THEN tell us how much marketing drivel you can drum up on a whim!”

That’s it for this long post. I don’t post often, but boy, do I make up for it!

I have taken to late afternoon/early evening naps on days when I can pull it off. And today is one of those days. So pardon me while I go use some trash on Tivo to put myself to sleep on the couch.


3 Responses to “20 down. 20 to go.”

  1. lady pumpkin February 5, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    So glad everything is looking good and that you can enjoy! You fully deserve it. It’s lovely to hear from you! Have “Livin’ on a Prayer” running through my head when I read your title: “ohhh, halfway there…” xoxo

  2. nobabyruth February 7, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    Yay for such a fantastic 20 week appointment! I can’t believe you are already at the half-way point! Doesn’t it feel like time is flying?

    I’m impressed that you managed to look away during the ultrasound. I always said that I didn’t want to know the sex but I think that in actual moment the temptation would be hard to resist!

  3. Justine March 3, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    I’m here to testify that one can drum up plenty of drivel with one hand while breastfeeding. 😉 Congrats on reaching the halfway mark, and thanks for commenting!

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