Shit-talkin’ worry-wartin’

31 Oct

Got home last night after my whirlwind trip to the desert and it seems as if all is well. And by that, I mean I did not start bleeding the second I stepped off the plane (my biggest fear) and my uterus did not explode in flight (my most irrational, ridiculous fear). It’s true that Las Vegas is not the most fun place to be when you’re pregnant. I went to great lengths to avoid cigarette smoke, and developed an impressive radar for smokers. Even if I couldn’t see them, I knew where they were. I didn’t spend any time in actual casinos, but sometimes you have to walk through them to get from points A to B and I hated that part. I loathe second-hand smoke even during non-pregnant times, but when there is an embryo a-brewing I am even more intolerant.

I did however, enjoy some quality time with my San Francisco friends (we were there for a birthday), sip on some delicious virgin cocktails, work out in the hotel gym, enjoy a very tasty burger here, and a very yummy dinner here. The three friends I was with were so excited about the pregnancy (they all know) and one of them even bought me an adorable baby hat. It did occur to me that it will be very painful for me to look at that adorable hat if I have a miscarriage, but gah! Go away bad thought!

I forgot to mention in my ultrasound post that I will be getting ultrasounds every week until week 12, even after I’ve been transferred to my OB. I think I’ve mentioned before that my clinic is affiliated with a medical school here in LA and they are always doing studies. On Thursday I was recruited for one that is testing various levels of things in the blood of women in their first trimester, and how that correlates with nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. At first when my favorite blood lady asked me if I wanted to be part of the study, I thought, “Hell no! I am NOT coming back here more often than I need to.” Then she threw in something about a free ultrasound after each blood draw, and I was all, “Um, free sessions with Wandy? To get weekly updates on my uterus? And wait, did you say FREE? Where do I sign?” My husband heard the words “free ultrasounds” and was all over the idea too.

So looks like I’ll be getting a seven week ultrasound too. While I did have thoughts about whether so many ultrasounds could be harmful to the embryo/fetus (all those sound waves!), I’m pretty sure it’ll be OK. I am such a damn pain in the ass–every piece of good news I get has a worry-chaser.

But for now I’m going to revel in the one and only symptom that is persistent and always there.  King Constipation rules. But my RN friend who I was with in Vegas introduced me to something called Colace (safe to take during pregnancy). I just took one and I’m hoping that things start to um, shift. Sorry for the poop talking. Can’t help myself.


3 Responses to “Shit-talkin’ worry-wartin’”

  1. No Baby Ruth November 1, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Oh, how I loooooove Burger Bar! Talk about good food! And good sweet potato fries. Mmmmmmm…..

    AND that is so great that you get to get weekly ultrasounds!! What a luxury! When’s the next one?

  2. Infertility Doula November 1, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    Free ultrasounds should never passed up! Eventually I ended up renting a home doppler (around 12 weeks) so I could do regular checks when ever I was hit with the crazies (you know, the “something’s wrong!” panic attacks).

  3. conceptionallychallenged November 2, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    Free ultrasounds, yay! That is a great reason to take part in a study.
    Also, I already hate smoking (and they smoke a lot in this country) now, so I can barely imagine how it’ll be when I’m pregnant.

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