Corner, about to be turned.

28 Sep

It’s the morning of another IUI, and I’m fluctuating between hope and despair. Hope because I did acupuncture last week, and will have another round right after this morning’s insemination, so this HAS to be the missing IUI ingredient, right? And it will work, right? Right.

I also think that because it’s Tuesday, and I know he’s in the office today, this one will be done by my RE himself, so that’s got to be a good thing. Although something tells me that IUIs are like Pap smears in the reproductive specialist community. Not exactly rocket science. Either way,  I’m thrilled that I won’t be getting the snotty RE fellow.

So why the despair?

Well, this cycle has been a little different. And in my world, any deviation from the norm spells IMMINENT FAILURE, which is completely irrational. I didn’t get a positive reading on my OPK until yesterday (Day 15) and it wasn’t until the end of the day, and on the heels of a negative. (Why yes, it does hurt to burn through two of those $5 tests in two hours). Also, my positive OPKs almost always go hand in hand with my most obvious cervical mucus and this time it seemed like the fertile goods had up and left the building by the time I got that smiley face. So what up, parts?

Hubs has also decided that he wants to collect the sample at home this time. Shockingly, he is tired of the masturbatorium. The nurse OK’d this when I asked about it the last time I was there, and she has given us the sterile cup we need for collection. We live 10 minutes away from our clinic (how great is that?) so timing is unlikely to be an issue, but I still got a bit of a fat lip when he announced this. But, but but…! What if it spills? What if it’s too hot? What if all the sperm die? Gah! I control our Infertility world, not you!!

This is what we had a small spat about last night, but I tried to see things from his point of view, and came around. I also found some tidbit that suggests sample quality might actually be enhanced with an at home collection.

And finally, I think I’m feeling a bit nervous about everything because it’s the third try of this, before we move onto that. I don’t know what that is, but it could be one of these things.

1. Try on our own for a month or two to figure out finances for the next steps. Help things along with acupuncture and herbs.

2. Do the above, but add Clomid to enhance ovulation quality (if the doctor is on board with this, which he probably will be, with monitoring). These cycles will still cost something, but not as much as the whole IUI shebang.

3. Try an injectables + IUI cycle (or two). This depends on where we fall on the cost continuum for this, because it seems to be huge, ranging anywhere from $1500 to $5000.

4. Go straight to IVF (if we do this, we will do in conjunction with #1. Unless my doctor thinks taking 2-3 months off to save money would be foolish at my age.)

I think based on emails with my RE these past few weeks, that he’s leaning towards #3, followed by $4. He thinks that because Clomid resulted in a pregnancy for me once before, that IUIs and Clomid would eventually do the trick, but given my age, he wouldn’t waste too much time on those. I haven’t discussed taking a few months off with him, but will do that today.

Oh, and I loved my acupuncture session last week.It felt much more relaxing than I remembered. Maybe because I was at a different point in my cycle, so I think she put needles in places where she didn’t last time.  It could also be that I’m more open to this being part of my journey. Last November I was aghast that I would have to spend even a few hundred dollars to get pregnant. Now that we have spent well into the thousands, an extra $80 per week for acupuncture doesn’t seem too bad.

So here goes.


2 Responses to “Corner, about to be turned.”

  1. lady pumpkin September 28, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    I know there’s another post to read, but I wanted to comment on this one before reading it. First, I’m so glad that acupuncture is putting you in your happy place. Hooray! I say, if it works, it’s a darn sight cheaper than the alternatives. That’s right: a darn sight. Does it work? No earthly idea. And second, I assume it was unconscious (which makes it even better), but I love that in your second-to-last paragraph, you went from #3 to $4. Because, let’s face it, #4 involves an awful lot of $$$$. Okay, off to read the next one. Quizzes to write? What?

    • denise September 28, 2010 at 11:31 am #

      That was completely unconscious, yes, but I like it, so am going to leave it that way!

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