Where was I?

27 Sep

It’s been quite a week. We’re having a little heat wave here in Los Angeles, one that I was completely not prepared for. And one that I am quite cranky about.

But enough with the grump, and time for some hope.  I was so touched when Lady Pumpkin gave me a Hope Award earlier this week. She found my blog via ICLW and ever since I first clicked over to hers, I was drawn in by her humor, honesty, warmth and grace. Being part of this community is hard. None of us want to be here, but when it leads you to some real gems, well that can only be a good thing. Go to her blog. She’s funny! And she lived in France! And she has inspirational Yogi teabag-isms!

So I think the way this works is that I share some things I’m happy and hopeful about, then pass this on to three other bloggers. So here goes:

To risk stating the obvious, I’m happy that I have a good husband to hold my hand through all of this. Oh, we’ve had our moments (one of them was just 10 minutes ago), but I know that he wants this is badly as I do, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get us there. He is always able to make me laugh, distract me on the saddest days, and I feel very lucky to have found him. I didn’t think this would be part of our road together, but here we are, and we’re getting through it.

My hope is kind of obvious too. A healthy baby. I’m still very much wanting this to be from my eggs and hub’s sperm, but I think I can get to the other side of that, if for some reason it’s not in the cards for us. And I guess that’s part of the hope. That we will get to the other side of something. Maybe I don’t know what our other side looks like, but I’m feeling more hopeful than ever that we’ll get there.

I wish all the hope in the world on every single one of you who has happened upon my blog, and who can relate to any part of it. But I’d specifically like to pay this forward to:

S. at The Eternal Guest Room
Juno at The Babymaking Diaries
Secret Sloper at Park Slope Purgatory

I’m rooting for you guys, and keeping my fingers crossed.



2 Responses to “Where was I?”

  1. Secret Sloper September 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    This is very nice of you. Hope is in short supply these days, and I could definitely use some extra. Thanks!

  2. lady pumpkin September 28, 2010 at 5:43 am #

    You’re so sweet! Thanks so much for the love. Awww. I really like your hope. Pumps me up for whatever may be in store for us. Sending happy, hopeful hugs (and a steady stream of a/c) your way.

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