15 DPO and Frozen

12 Sep

I have never had reason to put that number with those letters. The month I was actually pregnant, I wasn’t really counting days post ovulation. I was on vacation and it was also my first Clomid cycle which made me anticipate a longer luteal phase than my typical 10-11 days.  I was also sick for the first part of that cycle and my temps were all over the place. Neither me, my ob/gyn or Fertility Friend was able to pinpoint my ovulation date that month.

But now here I am, many textbook Clomid cycles later, and it’s the first time I’ve made it to this point beyond ovulation. I always get my period 14 DPO. So now here we are at 4pm PST 15 DPO and I still haven’t tested.  Yes, I am the girl who is paranoid about testing. The only reason I tested the month I got pregnant was because things were seeming so very late and it was New Year’s Eve, and I wanted to know if I could have a drink.

I mostly hear about pee-on-a-stick addiction, not paranoia. Anyone with me on this? I have let three full bladders empty today (after holding them for longer than I should have, because I couldn’t decide what to do) without letting First Response join the stream of fun. Even my post-IUI instruction sheet says to test today and I still haven’t done it. What is wrong with me? Maybe I feel it just couldn’t be. It hasn’t been for so many cycles, so why now? Maybe I’m terrified of another few days of joy followed by crushing disappointment and pain.

Well either way, I imagine I’ll do it before I leave the house tomorrow morning. Or before I go to bed tonight. I just keep on thinking my predictable little visitor is going to arrive any second now…


2 Responses to “15 DPO and Frozen”

  1. cgd September 12, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    wishing you the very best of luck. I am not one to take HPT so I cannot advise you, but I am hoping that this is very good news for you 🙂

  2. lady pumpkin September 13, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    This sounds really hopeful…The cycle I got pregnant, I just kind of luxuriated for a while in the delicious feeling of “could it be…?”. Nothing wrong with that. If you can’t stand the waiting, you’ll put an end to it.

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