17 Aug

First up, thanks for all the welcoming comments! Having a community of people who get it  is really helping me put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward on this path.

My day 3 infertility routine was yesterday. The doctor who did the ultrasound commented that my lining was still thick, more than usual for this point in my cycle (it was 7mm, last time on Day 3 it was 2mm). She said it meant I probably still had some bleeding to do. It occurred to me to ask her more about this because she was clearly surprised by the measurement,  but she is my least favorite of the doctors I see when mine isn’t there and for no good reason, intimidates me. I think it’s her all around briskness and lack of warmth. So I clammed up. Not a good way to be when you’re an infertility patient.  Later that day, the nurse called to say my FSH and estradiol were all normal, but based on the lining thickness they were going to rerun the blood sample through the lab to check for pregnancy. Say what? I happened to have a test in my purse (I know, amazing, considering I never test) so of course I had to use it. Negative. Anyway, I’m hearing back from them today. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any hope. Just a teeny little bit. But considering that my period felt completely normal and could in no way be mistaken for late implantation bleeding, I’m pretty sure I’m not even slightly pregnant.

But of course now I’m worrying about what a thick lining on Day 3 could mean, and Google isn’t yielding any satisfying answers. Anyone else have a really thick lining at this point in their cycle?

More about my least favorite doctor: When I expressed my disappointment that this round didn’t work out (she was the doctor who did the first of my back to back IUIs) she immediately went to: Well is IVF an option for you guys?” I thought, “That’s where you’re going? I only tried this once! Could you give me a little hope, please?” I don’t know why that rattled my cage so much. Probably because financially and emotionally, I am not ready to go there, even though the clock is ticking. But so far, my RE, his nurse, and my ob/gyn before that have been incredibly upbeat and optimistic, so it was like a big fat burst in my hope bubble. I think I’m overreacting, so I’m going to blame Clomid.


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