One Uterus, Two Eggs and 70 Million Sperm

3 Aug

Y’all listen up:

Uterus?  Your lining was deemed perfect two days in a row by two different doctors. Eggs? We established that two of you were released into the great wide open, so please be of normal quality and do what you are supposed to. (Well, maybe just one of you. I’m not sure I’m ready for twins.)  Sperm? A more than optimal amount of you were given an express route to your uterine playground, and the rest of you got to frolic in the land of fertile cervical mucus where you could live long happy lives. And all of this happened TWICE. Yes, I have given you the gift of back to back inseminations into two different areas of my lady parts two days running.

I can’t imagine what more you need to make a baby, but please be getting busy in there. OK? Thanks.



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