Higher Education

20 Jul

I think there is a minimum attractiveness requirement at my fertility clinic (which is affiliated with a teaching hospital). I know this is Los Angeles and all, but it’s quite startling how good looking everybody is.

My latest Day 3 ultrasound was performed by a resident who was very pretty. Just for kicks, she invited another resident (a boy who, while I’m sure was at least 30, didn’t look a day over 21 and wait, is he an M.D. or an Abercrombie model?) to see the show, which seemed to last quite a bit longer because she was explaining everything she was doing for his edification. (“So there’s the corpus luteum. You can tell that’s the side she ovulated on. Let’s count the follicles on this left ovary. OK, now lets go to the other side. To get there, I have to press down on her abdomen a bit….”) I’m not denigrating her at all, she was quite sweet and lovely, and had a great stirrup-side manner. It just felt like it took forever. And really, isn’t a basic Day 3 ultrasound Infertility 101? I mean, let the guy sit in on an egg retrieval, or an embryo transfer!  Or at least something more interesting than a boring ovary check.

And it was Day 3. Day 3! It’s kind of a bloodbath on Day 3. Enough said.

I need to train my body to ovulate and menstruate on very specific days. Because it seems that on the days my doctor isn’t there, it’s a chance for others to practice. While I can very much get behind the fact that my clinic is part of a teaching facility, I’m less gung-ho about my reproductively challenged lady bits being part of the curriculum.


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