In Hindsight…

18 Jul

Not a bad Day 1, now that I’m about to kick its ass out the door. Movies, sushi, beer, and some serious sale scores at Anthropologie. As far as these darkest of days go, this one was all right.

I am lucky to have an amazing husband who never loses patience with this very predictable funk. He earned extra points by making a Tampax run for me AND sewing a button on the dress I simply had to wear today. (A dress that’s been sitting stranded in my closet, button-less, for about a year now, but TODAY was the day it had to be fixed.)

I couldn’t help but think how much better this was than a certain Day 1 back in May, when I found myself sans feminine hygiene products during brunch at the home of a gay interior decorator. Lots of white furniture, and me in white pants. So not something I want to revisit.


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