Good Timing is Everything

18 Jul

Ready for another of those silver lining thingies?

When Day 1 is a Sunday, you can at least feel completely justified spending the morning watching  St. Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night (thank you streaming Netflix). Gosh, I am actually feeling nostalgic about puberty. Back when my ovaries and uterus were symbols of hope and future productivity. (And my god, Emilio Estevez had such shiny, pretty hair in 1985…)

Sunday Day 1 also gives me all kinds of time to sit down with my calendar and know exactly what days I will:

1) Need to be a cheerleader (and cheerful participant) for the next round of sex-on-demand

2) Be the crazy person who arrives at the fertility clinic before they are open for business so that I will be the first one they usher in to the breeding facility for bloodwork and other fun stuff

3) Spend some time with the dildocam (see above)

4) Pee on sticks with hopefully perfectly hormonally-balanced urine

Also, just realized that my sister and niece will be staying with us for a week when ALL of the above will be in regular rotation. Awesome.

Well that silver lining turned to shit pretty quickly.


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