To My Ovaries

6 Jul

Dear Ovaries,

I know. I  have put you through some stuff lately. I wasn’t expecting that vag-cam either, believe me. I was amazed it could see you too! And then there’s that nasty Clomid. 50 mg was bad enough, but 100 mg is another thing entirely. Sorry. We’re just trying to recruit as many of your volunteers as we can.

But please, considering the time and expense involved in an IUI cycle, could you send some sort of signal to my preferred OPK (ClearBlueEasy Digital, if you must know) so that we can do this thing? I have now urinated on a box and a half of those sticks (they are not cheap) and still no sign of your busting a move.

So now we have to have another ultrasound to see what the hell you are busy with in there. Happy now?

Your owner.


One Response to “To My Ovaries”

  1. Kera July 6, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

    Love this.

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