Do I need to break up with ClearBlueEasy?

6 Jul

Not clear. Or easy!

Just heard from the nurse at my fertility clinic. Despite an ambiguous ultrasound that revealed that ovulation could still be imminent, bloodwork confirmed that I already ovulated, so no IUI this cycle.

After testing for 7 days, (sometimes twice a day), I missed the hormonal surge that alerts me to my ovaries getting ready to burst forth with future child. Seriously? Did I drink too much water? Beer?

So now we wait. Thankfully, sexual boot camp continues to prevail in our household, despite the fact that we have given ourselves over to the experts for more artificial means of conception. So there’s a chance we did it naturally, but given our remarkable ability to fail at this task, I’m not holding my breath.

On the bright side, we have at least a few weeks grace before we have to fork over more cash, and my lady parts get a break from being on display.



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